Restaurant review: My Thai

While the weather was decent over the weekend, we stopped for a late lunch/early dinner at My Thai, a cute little restaurant about three miles up the road in Chesterland. They’ve been there for a couple years and we’ve been meaning to try it, but haven’t made it until now. I’m glad we finally did.

We brought the little monster C along with us (okay, monster is probably overdoing it – he’s still pretty good, and I’ve seen much worse), which can be a hit or miss proposition. The staff was very accommodating, helping us find something for him to eat and fawning over how cute he was (which he already takes advantage of – for a one-year-old, he’s very manipulative). He spent much of the time either pulling food out of his mouth or trying to escape from the high chair. Needless to say, he was not terribly cooperative. Fortunately for him, he’s still at an age where he can just flash a smile, and the older couple at the next table won’t mind that he’s yelling for more Veggie Straws, they’ll just focus on his adorableness.

But enough about that. The food is your standard Thai fare – curries, noodles, stir-fries, etc. We started with the chicken satay (for C, though he didn’t eat much of it) and the Coconut Soup with vegetables. The chicken was done up with some curry spices and grilled, and the peanut sauce was excellent. Also, the cucumber salad that came with it was very good, with a bit of a sweet dressing on it. The soup was creamy and flavorful, and loaded with veggie chunks. Among the veggies were lots of green onions, which apparently left a lasting impression on my breath for a couple days… didn’t bother me though 🙂

For dinner, S got her standard peanut curry (she likes peanut sauce at Asian places) with chicken. Peanuty but not overpowering, and nice and thick to stick to the veggies and rice. I got a red curry with seafood – a bunch of vegetables and a red curry paste with coconut milk. It had just a touch of zing to it, which I enjoyed, and a good mix of flavors. Most of the entrees come with your choice of meats or tofu (with the seafood being a dollar or two extra), and with a wide variety of options, you should be able to find something that suits your tastes.

Nothing overly fancy about My Thai, but it’s local, the food is excellent, and the servers were all very friendly and helpful. That’s three plusses in my book.

4 1/2 stars out of seven.


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