Garden update 9/15

Definitely winding down around here. I’m still picking tomatoes, peppers, and beans, but just about everything else has finished up (minus any greens and peas we’ll get from the recent planting). Potatoes are dying down, squash is totally kaput, and cucumbers aren’t producing anything new. The beans are still going crazy though, and the peas are already a couple feet tall. So, we’ll keep on getting what we can, but mostly it’s time to look at cleaning things up and prepping for the winter. Boo.

Besides ripping everything out, I’ll also be adding some sort of compost/manure/anything that’ll add nitrogen so hopefully, come spring, it will have worked it’s way into the soil so plants will get off to a better start. This year was a good learning experience. Yeah, the weather was junk a lot of the time, but the weather notwithstanding, there were still many things I’ll do differently in the future.

Now I need to rest up and prepare for splitting wood and raking leaves. The boy can’t grow up fast enough 🙂 (Of course, I don’t mean that – he’s already growing up too fast).


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