Fair day

This weekend was fair weekend for our county (and many others across the state). The weather was a little iffy, but we all toughed it out and went Sunday afternoon. After, I should mention, C took a three-hour nap. It sprinkled a few times while we were there, and was unseasonably cool, but we had a good time. This was actually C’s second fair – we took him last year when he was a week old (good parenting decision?), and he slept the entire time. This time he stayed awake the entire time, and was much more interested in what was going on. He enjoyed most of the animals, was a little shy about touching them, and would laugh when he did – everything’s a dog to him though. Maybe next year we’ll be able to make that distinction.

I like to remind S that ours is the oldest in the state, and she says that hers (Wayne County) is the largest in the state, like that can be proven...

That's one big "da-da"

He enjoyed the goats, because they were so friendly. And the goats enjoyed him.


One thought on “Fair day

  1. I had a terrible experience with a goat when I was about his age. I think I ended up trying to put some goat food in my pocket. Needless to say, I’m not a big fan of livestock to this day.

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