Garden update 9/2

Welcome to September. Wow.

Strange garden year. Many things are just about wrapping up (cucumbers, potatoes, squash), and some things are coming on strong, namely, the beans. The pole beans were slow starters, and for a while, just had leaves with very few flowers. Now, there are beans all over the place. Maybe I’ll get enough to can or freeze.

Tomatoes are ripening up pretty well now, though there are relatively few of them, at least compared to normal years. They look good overall, just not many fruits. And with the cyclical heavy rains, there are a few starting to split. You’d think a tomato plant would be able to control the binge-drinking.

The peas that I replanted are coming up and starting to climb already, so we’ll see how they do as it starts to get cooler. I wouldn’t mind another bumper crop of the snaps to freeze for winter. I also replanted some lettuce and spinach, a lot of which has come up. I amended the soil before I planted, so I’m hoping I get better returns than the first batch. Although, seeing as how I never actually picked any spinach, there’s not really any place to go but up.

Eggplants are looking okay too; each plant has at least one fruit on it. Peppers are still going strong – the Anaheims finally started setting fruit. For the longest time it just kept growing, but no peppers, now it’s giant and actually has a couple peppers on each plant. I also dug up the first carrot last week. Probably the best carrot I’ve ever grown. Usually they’re all deformed and knotted from growing in the clay. This one was almost a perfect cylinder. I guess having nice loose soil has some benefits.

Have a good Labor Day weekend!


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