Happy birthday!

One year ago (yesterday), a little boy arrived that would change our lives forever. If I’d have known then what I do now, I may have slapped a return to sender sticker on him… 🙂

So yesterday was C’s birthday, and we also had some family over to help celebrate. Family is pretty tame – I dread the day when it’s a pack of seven-year olds running around amped up on birthday cake. Of course, that meant we had to clean and throw together some food, so S and I were about ready for bed just as the party was getting started. But a good time was had by all, and if he were able to remember anything from this stage of his life, he’d remember a good first birthday.

For anyone with kids or who’ve been to a first birthday, the highlight is supposed to be the cake, and C didn’t disappoint. It was the highlight, but not in the usual fashion. After we gave him the cake, he spent, literally, the next fifteen minutes disassembling it without taking a bite. This, from the kid who will pick up dirt, dog food, carpet strands, and rocks, and indiscriminately pop them into his mouth.

The real entertaining part was that he almost knew what was expected of him, and he didn’t want to give anyone the satisfaction of actually doing it. At least four or five times, he’d grab a handful and bring it toward his mouth, and just as he was about to eat it, he’d stop, put it back down, and give a little laugh, like he heard the intake of breath and people starting to get excited, and thought to himself, “these people are such suckers.” If I didn’t know any better, I would think he was playing us all for fools. And knowing him, he very well may have been. I think I’m pretty clever, but it gave me a bad feeling that he’s going to be outsmarting us very soon; every parent’s worst nightmare. After everyone started getting their own cake and paying less attention to him, then he finally started eating. And I’m pretty sure he enjoyed it.

Some of the cupcakes that mommy made. With cream cheese and strawberry filling.

And not wanting to be outdone, mommy made a full-size vegan chocolate cake to match C's.

C's cake. No eggs, no dairy, but still chocolatey goodness.

"Holy wow, that's for me?!?"

First tentative prodding.

But he quickly threw caution to the wind and dug in. Note the clean face in the background.

That's more like it. Fifteen minutes later.

Of course, present opening isn't all that exciting, especially when it's clothes. At least it's good clothes.

And a little post-party watermelon. Not wanting the dog to show him up, he tries to eat the whole rind too.


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