Fun summer evenings

For maybe the first time all summer, the weather has been gorgeous for multiple days in a row. Mid- and upper-70s, clear sky, slight breeze. It’s too bad only about 12 of the 365 days per year are like this…

As a result of the nice weather, we did something very unusual. We took advantage of it. I know, crazy talk. I abandoned my projects for a while, and we just enjoyed the weather. Monday evening, we went into Chagrin Falls to hit up the library and walk along the river with C, and while we were there, just happened to stop for some ice cream at Jeni’s. Had to really twist my arm for that. That was fun, so we decided to come back the next night, and had dinner on the sidewalk, also with C. At that point, I said what the heck, let’s come back Wednesday too. So we did, and picked up a pizza from Joey’s, and sat on a picnic table by the falls and just enjoyed life a little. And it was good. Nice to be able to just stop and appreciate things for a bit. I’d highly recommend it.

It was good and we were hungry, so I forgot to take a picture until it was almost finished. And finish it we did.

C has an obsession with water, and the fountain was no exception.

Postscript: Of course, after all that nice weather, we had several waves of thunderstorms roll through again last night, and C decided to wake up at 2 (he sleeps through the storms, but randomly wakes up some other time? I don’t get it). Since there were multiple waves of it, that means I woke up multiple times, which means I’m a tired boy today. Between the kid and the storms, my sleep deprivation has increased ten-fold this summer. Almost makes me wish for winter; at least there’s no thunderstorms. Snow is usually very quiet while it falls…
And to add to the fun, we had a bunch of hail too. Since I was awake, I went outside with a flashlight, just to check things out. Looked to be about dime-sized.
A brief inspection of the garden before I left for work didn’t reveal too much damage – some chewed-up leaves, and several cherry tomatoes got knocked off, but nothing totally mangled.


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