Garden update 8/15

It’s a little wet here right now. We probably got a couple inches yesterday, and it’s been raining off and on again this morning, so the ground is pretty well saturated. Which is fine – I haven’t had to water for weeks now.

On the garden front, nothing too exciting this week. Still waiting for the first non-cherry tomato, though we are getting close. Lots of greenies, but nothing totally ripe yet. I finally ripped the peas out; they were still flowering a little, but were pretty well spent, so yesterday, C helped me while I pulled the old vines and planted some new peas. Actually, he mostly just pulled on the tomato plants and tried to eat the leaves, but he at least kept me company.

I picked two spaghetti squash and three yellow squash. Since everything still seems to just be producing one per plant, I’m trying to pick what I can to hopefully stimulate some more fruit growth. The bush beans are just about done, and did not have a good year (probably because of being shaded by the giant peas), but the pole beans are still growing like mad, and are significantly taller than I am at this point. Not a lot of flowers on them yet though – they have lots of big green leaves, but not many beans so far.

Peppers are doing well, and the eggplant are finally starting to produce. Onions are also just about done – most of them look to be about golf ball size, so I’m kind of disappointed with that. If you’re thinking about planting garlic, it’s getting to be about that time to plant some for next year’s harvest. I also need to get some more spinach and lettuce seeds in the ground so we hopefully get some more fresh greens before winter.

The weather’s been a little cooler of late (more upper 70s/low 80s), which may help with some things that don’t like the extreme heat. Overall, things aren’t too bad – not as good as I hope to eventually achieve, but not bad.


One thought on “Garden update 8/15

  1. Yesterday we were able to harvest one tomato and one jalapeño. It was pretty cool to see Kristen actually able to get something for all her efforts, especially after a deer came and ate the top off of half her garden a couple weeks back.

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