Garden update 7/22

We’re getting closer and closer to the produce extravaganza here. At least some good is coming from this hot weather. The peas are still producing; I thought they’d be long done by now. We picked the first of the cucumbers the other day – I’m hoping I get a few minutes sometime this weekend to make a few fresh-pack pickles. I’ve picked beans a few times, but the bush beans look to be kind of a dud this year. They got planted between the peas and pole beans, so because those peas just won’t die, they probably don’t get enough sun. The pole beans are doing well though. Lettuce is finally starting to bolt, but we had a good run. I’ll probably replant some in another month or so to get some fall greens.

The herbs are all growing explosively too – I’m going to make some pesto today, and hopefully pick a bunch of stuff tomorrow or Sunday to freeze or dehydrate.

Still no ripe tomatoes, though there are plenty of green ones. Squash is all looking pretty good too – so far, the vertical-growing experiment is working out okay.

First week of June.

Six weeks later!


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