Dog days

It’s been dog hot here the last couple of days, and looks like it’ll continue to get hotter up through the weekend, until we finally get some relief early next week. We did get some much-needed rain last night – up to two inches in some areas around here, though we probably got closer to an inch, give or take an inch. I would have preferred that it rain a little more quietly; the thunder and lightning was a nice added touch, but at 2 in the morning? Not really necessary. But with as dry as it’s been, I’m not complaining… Figures that after it rained for just about two months straight, now it pretty much hasn’t rained for about two months straight. Could have seen that coming though, with the way the weather acts around here.

In keeping with the quote, Sadie prefers to spend her time lying somewhere in the yard or on the porch, though she still spends a fair amount of time nosing around in the woods, chasing creatures unseen (she must have a very vivid imagination). I too would prefer to lie around, but of course, don’t have much time for that. C doesn’t seem affected by the heat at all, and is still continuously on the move. Kid can not sit still. Someday, we’ll all be able to chill on the porch, but today is not that day. Nor any day for the remainder of the week, I presume.

How’s the weather in your vicinity? What’s your favorite way to cool down?


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