Grad party

My cousin had a high school graduation party on Saturday, which meant lots of food and getting together with most of the family. C was up way past his bedtime, but he did a good job, as usual. If he has enough people to keep him occupied, he doesn’t need sleep. Of course, then he fell asleep on the eight-minute car ride home. And he did take almost five hours worth of naps yesterday to make up for it, which has got to be a record for him. Here’s a few pics, mostly of him (did you expect anything less?).

It's a ringer!

"Now that we're done playing, can I eat it?"

Pondering what to do next on the playtime agenda.


2 thoughts on “Grad party

  1. Based on the fourth and fifth photos, I will hazard a guess that your adorable son is teething. I only say this because my own adorable-yet-vicious son has been trying to take a chunk out of anything standing still with his emerging teeth for the last couple of days. Including me. Where’s the recognition for a mother’s sacrifice? Honestly.

    • He is in fact teething, and has been off and on for the past several months. He drools a lot, but is generally pretty harmless, unless you actually put a finger in his mouth, which is just asking for trouble. Although in the last month, occasionally he’ll get into a mood where he bites at anything that comes within his personal space (anywhere from one to seven feet), and he’s gotten me good a couple times.

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