Some days, I wish I could get away with walking around like this. Especially when it’s so sticky like it’s been the last few days. Though it would probably be some sort of harassment, or at least public indecency. All things considered, the weather’s been decent the past couple weeks. Not too hot, like it was in early June, and enough rain to keep things growing. However, I did just read an article about how climate change is going to make the smog worse in Northeast Ohio. And maybe it will make the winters short enough to be tolerable too. Global warming, bah.

I’ll stop now before I get on a roll. I reserve the right to express my opinion about anything whenever I want, but I’ll try to keep it to benign things. Politics has no place in gardening 🙂

I got some cheap bulbs/plants at Home Depot today. Everything was 75% off, so I picked up some dahlias, peonies, and irises. Who knows if half of it will survive, but at that price, if half of it does survive, it’ll still be a bargain.

Well, it’s clearly past my bedtime, and I need to get some sleep – a cold is making the rounds through our house, and I refuse to let it get me.

Anybody get any good late-season plant bargains recently?


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