Garden update 6/21

Things continue to chug along here on the homestead. The peas are doing great, and most everything else is starting to come along. I’ll probably pick some lettuce this week too – it’s bounced back enough that it should be big enough to get a few salads out of. We have some rain in the forecast for this week to go along with the warmth, so if things don’t get too flooded, it should be a good growing week. I also tested my soil over the weekend, and sure enough, I’m woefully deficient in Nitrogen, but okay with the other two. It’s about what I figured since most of the plants had a yellowish tint to them. So, I added some blood meal, and I’ll look into procuring some coffee grounds to get the levels up where they need to be.

At least the peas are doing well.

I finished another trellis for the beans, and need to get some built for the cucumbers and squash. I’m also thinking of planting some bamboo so I have a future supply of trellis materials. I know of one person that grows bamboo – anyone else try it? What kind of conditions does bamboo like? I’ve always kind of pictured bamboo as more of a tropical plant, but I guess it grows in mountains in China, so it can’t be that tropical. 

It's a bit on the smallish side, but the lettuce still looks nice.

And finally, we took C into the garden yesterday while picking some peas, and he had to try some. I know it’s a tad blurry, but getting a good picture of this perpetually-in-motion-boy in perfect conditions is difficult enough, and this was taken in low light at dusk. There are no ISO settings high enough for him once the sun starts to descend. Anyways, he enjoyed his peas, but he did get a bit overzealous (as he does with all his food) and tried to eat the entire pod in one bite. As he still only has four teeth, and it’s hard to eat much of anything without molars, we had to pry it out and break it into smaller pieces for him. He gets an A for effort though.

C sampling some peas, fresh from the vine.


One thought on “Garden update 6/21

  1. Awesome photo. I mean, aside from the choking hazard, that is.

    We have bamboo, and we live in upstate New York where it gets HOLY LORD cold, so no, not just a tropical plant. Although I think it was put in a couple of spots until it really started to thrive. Some friendly advice, however: DO NOT, under any circumstances, get creeping bamboo. Get the stuff that stays in one spot, or else you will be battling it back to keep it from your neighbors’ property. Bad news.

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