Adding a new flower bed

We had a moderately productive weekend. I got a shelf up on the mudroom wall, got the top part of the mudroom cubbies painted, and dug a new flower bed in the front. (Very) slowly, but surely, things are getting done. Not nearly as quickly as I’d like, but having a nine-month old seems to automatically remove at least a couple hours from each day. And that’s just one kid.

A few pics from the new bed below. I didn’t do the best job with capturing the ‘before’ part, but just picture the dirt area covered in grass. We only have one area with flowers right now, and I’ve been meaning to add a few more beds, but as with everything else, it gets put into a queue until I have a little time to work on it. I was finally able to start on this one over the weekend. It’ll eventually wrap around the side of the house, but for now, I just did the part in the front.

I took off the top inch or so of sod, which worked out great, because there are still lots of spots where I need grass, so I just moved the sod as necessary. Once it was clear, I filled it in with some better (non-clay) soil. In the process, I was able to finally get rid of the rest of the pile of topsoil that’s been sitting in the front for the past six weeks. S is happy that there’s no longer a blue tarp in the front yard. I’m happy that I’m done with grass seed for a least a couple months. Now we just need some flowers to plant.

Sadie being her usual helpful self.

Ready to go!


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