C’s been doing more finger foods lately (okay, mostly Cheerios or something similar). He’s getting better, but still has a tendency to not be very delicate about it. When we put a pile on his tray or the table, he’ll kind of do a quick snatch and grab, and end up with a handful, instead of just one. It’s actually quite impressive, because he’ll do it so quickly, and rarely do any end up on the floor, although having a hand that’s always some degree of sticky will improve those odds.
Of course, whether they proceed to end up eaten is another story. His fistful gets shoved into the vicinity of his mouth, and then he opens it and hopes something falls in, which happens more often than not, but with so many in there, some are bound to fall other places. In his defense though, he is getting pretty good at checking out his front when he’s finished, since he’s realizing that he drops a lot, and they usually end up stuck to him.

"What, did I miss one?"

He’s also just started to understand the concept of sharing, which is perfectly fine with Sadie, but not a habit mommy and I want to get into 🙂


2 thoughts on “Cheerios

  1. No, not a habit you want to get into. Especially when the sharing progresses to taking food out of his OWN MOUTH and trying to put it in yours.

    Babies are pretty gross, man. Cute, but gross.

  2. But he tried to feed me his feet yesterday! I thought that was pretty generous! 🙂

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