Dogs and thunder

Been pretty busy the last couple days – watching the little guy, cleaning our old house up for the renters that are moving in next weekend, cleaning our new house up because it’s just plain messy (and my grandma came to visit yesterday), working outside in between cloud bursts, and working on some shelves for the mudroom.

Things are still pretty wet outside so it’s hard to do much, but this weather has been great for the new grass. Unfortunately, the dog found a couple slow-draining puddles in the woods, so even though we haven’t had any rain since Wednesday, she still manages to end up totally filthy. Potatoes are all up, chard is starting to peek up, but no beans yet – I’m hoping the next two days (sunny and around 70? could it be?) warm up the soil and get them moving. I’d like to get some squash out there too this weekend, but we’ll be gone all day Saturday, which is going to be the nicest of the bunch, and Sunday they’re calling for scattered thunderstorms. One positive takeaway from all the thunder is that I think Sadie, who’s terrified of thunderstorms, may be becoming a little more acclimated to them. She still hides under furniture, but she hasn’t acted like she’s hyperventilating for the past several storms. Progress.

Get out and enjoy that nice weather, because you don’t know when it’ll end for another weeklong stretch.

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