Garden update 5/16

After a nice week, the rain arrived again just in time for the weekend, and looks like it’ll stick around for most of this week. Good thing, because those few days of 70s and sun really had me starting to miss the cold and wet.

I didn’t get as much done this weekend as I would have liked, partially due to the weather, and partially due to having an eight-month old that didn’t want to take any naps. I did, however, get all of my beans planted, though I wanted to do the squash too. I used an inoculant powder with the beans this year – I’ve never done it, but it’s supposed to be good for legumes. Anybody have any experience with this? I’m also doing a much wider variety of beans than normal – usually I just plant green snap and yellow wax, and I have those, but I’m also going to try several varieties of dry beans. I have Brockton Horticultural, Good Mother Stallard, Speckled Cranberry, and Kenearly Yellow Eye (see SSE for details). I’ve read that dry beans may not be worth the time and effort, since yields can be fairly low and dry beans in the store are cheap. But as with everything else, I need to see for myself. And I don’t really see much in the stores beyond black and white beans, so I definitely wanted to try something different.

In other news, seedlings are doing well, and I hope to be able to transplant over Memorial Day weekend. I started some lettuce inside last week, and it germinated much better than the lettuce I had planted outside, so I’ll try to transplant that in the next couple weeks.

Happy Monday!


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