Made lamb burgers for dinner tonight. I enjoy lamb, while S isn’t usually a huge fan of the flavor, but she was a good sport today. I think more than anything else, I just like saying lamb burger. Lamburger. Laaaamburger.

Anyhow, I do say that this blog is about food too, so I may or may not occasionally post a recipe or two. However, one of my quirks in the kitchen is that I rarely follow an exact recipe (except maybe for baking, where accurate measurements can be more important). Most of the time I take ideas from a recipe, or several similar recipes, and add my own touch. I know, I should have been a chef. So if I’m relaying a recipe to y’all, I’ll probably stick with very precise ingredient amounts like “a little,” “a bunch,” and “some.” Okay, the details:

Lamb burgers

About a pound of ground lamb
Crumbled feta cheese (1/2 cup or so?)
Couple cloves of crushed garlic
Spoonful of molasses
Moroccan seasoning (this is just a jar of stuff we had in the cupboard that I thought would work well – use any other spices you prefer, to taste)

Mix all the above (by hand is more fun than with a utensil; nothing like squeezing ground meat between your fingers). Saute in a pan, or grill, or bake. I pan-fried tonight. Serve on a toasted bun, and top with my homemade yogurt sauce.

Yogurt Topping

One small container of Greek yogurt
More feta cheese
Chopped cucumber
More Moroccan seasoning

Mix all these too.

Serves two to four. I made some whoppers, so it was only two.

Laaaamburger. Hehe.


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