I woke up way early this morning to the sound of… nothing. Seriously, I like noise when I’m sleeping, so silence is as effective as any alarm clock. The sound of nothing was the result of the power being out, which was the result of the winds that blew through last night and this morning.

Since we have a basement in our new house, I went downstairs to check the sump pump, which apparently was not installed with a battery backup (I know what I’m doing this weekend). This of course meant that to avoid a flood, I had to empty the pump well by hand. Thank goodness it wasn’t raining, otherwise I’d have been fighting a losing battle. In the end, the water was rising slowly, so I only had to go down every few hours, though when it was all said and done, I probably lugged up about 100 gallons. Good times.

In between the water-lugging sessions, I read, played with the boy while he wasn’t napping, read some more, and ate chips. And I went outside, but there were no puddle curses uttered today – the grass seed is finally starting to germinate! I know the picture looks sparse, but I’ll take it. It’s a step in the right direction.

On a fun note, since the power was out for 12 hours and there wasn’t much else to do, I was able to start and finish a 400 page book today. That’s what I call making the best of the situation.


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