Nice to meet you.

Hello. After many months of perusing numerous blogs, I told myself, “Hey, I can do this too,” and thus the decision was made to add even more clutter to an already cluttered blogosphere, so here goes…

My family consists of my wife and our eight-month old son (whom I’ll affectionately refer to as “S” and “C”), our golden retriever/collie mix Sadie (whom I’ll affectionately refer to as the mutt, the rat, or dummy as the situation warrants), and various other woodland creatures. We live on a few acres in Northeast Ohio, twenty miles or so east of Cleveland. We lived in a suburb for the past several years, and, in October, just moved into a new house, back out in the country where I grew up (S is also a country gal, from just a bit further south).

I like to play outside and enjoy being dirty, which my wife just cannot comprehend. I also like to cook (or more accurately, eat the results of my cooking), and enjoy music, sports, photography, reading, and relaxing, the latter of which I don’t get to do enough of. Since we just moved in recently, there are still more than a fair number of projects that I’m working on, and as the weather warms up, the project focus has shifted outside. However, we’re currently in the midst of the wettest April on record, so much of my ‘project’ time outside has consisted of looking at the yard and cursing all the puddles.

Anyways, there’s the first post. I’m sure I’ll look back on this someday as the point where the magic began, but for now, I have to go back to work. So, I’ll try to get some posts out in the next couple days regarding current projects, seeds that I’ve started, and various other gardening activities. Until we meet again…


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